ROAMAIR Air Management air suspension control system(Barometric version)

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🚧Accessories include:

👜Electromagenrtic valve ECU *1

👜Cable remote control LCD display *1

👜Air pressure pipe(20m) *1

👜Matched special connector *1

👜Relay(120A) *1

👜Pressure transducer *1

👜Operating instruction *1

ROAMAIR Air Management🚧
🇨🇳Function is introduced:
🔥1. Real-time display of four-wheel air pressure and tank air pressure.
🔥2. Body posture reminder.
🔥3. Ignition and lift vehicle opening and closing and gear display.
🔥4. Flameout, low, open and close display.
🔥5. The button feels comfortable and the numerical beat is smoot.
🇨🇳Gear calibration:
🔥1.1-5 gear body posture is adjustable, and the unwanted gear can be closed.
🔥2. Easy calibration and easy to use in a second.
🔥3. Accurate and fast control, small error Mobile phone Bluetooth control WeChat small program control.