Mercedes-Benz E-Class AWD(W212)2010~2016Air Suspension Support Kit/air shock absorbers

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The air suspension kit includes:

-ROAMAIR high- and low soft and hard adjustable shock absorber (front 2 root, rear 2 root)

-ROAMAIR four air bags (two in front and two in the back)

-Gasket + bolt + adjust the damping wrench + adjust the high and low wrench.

-1/8 NPT air accessories

RoamAir Air Suspension Advantages

-High strength forged aluminum alloy for upper seat/top

-32 section damping adjustable(Clockwise hard, counterclockwise soft)

-Depending on the model match the corresponding air suspension, single/double airbag

-Two adjustable outer arch plates

-Air bag lift and lower by 12cm

-Offers 18 months quality warranty from date of purchase

-There is no need to modify the original car for installation

-Single cylinder design, the barrel body is adjustable, multiple multi-layer sports leather bags, into the vehicle to improve the stability and comfort

-The height of the highest point and the lowest point of the body can be set freely to match the height required by different body kit modified by the vehicle

⚠️This product is only a part of the whole air suspension system, you need to match other accessories according to your own needs